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Development Steps


The Most important factor in the development of our system is “efficient using”.

Our aim is to optimize overall operations by discussion with our customers without compromising.

Problem Analysis, Consultation We carry out hearing and status analysis of the customer. If we can’t fully understand the facts, there is a danger of missing a serious problem. By fully understanding the facts, we can also reveal hidden problems.
Suggestion We point the problems which one revealed and by using knowledge of our employees and softwares, we suggest solutions. In the system, “common knowledge” and “customs” may remain due to the inefficient parts. Without catching them, we aim for improving efficiency.
Requirement Definiton By examining current facts and problems, we decide for a solution to them and then we define a business system that provides customer.
Outline Design, Estimation We define the necessary technical elements and components of system according to requirement definition and then we design the features offered by system. Also we will serve the estimation based on design.
Design Development We design an even more detailed outline and proceed to development.
Test We test the system to know whether it meets the requirements or not.
Delivery and maintenance We present developed products to customers. After that, we update the system based on business expansion and modifications.

* These steps may change due to needs of customer