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The Idea of the “Roberto System”


Standardizing business, wastefulness and the excessiveness, losing unevenness, in order to control the profit securely the important point excluding technical terms, to be understood how to think of explaining easily.

DUNKSOFT is a company that sells software and services associated with it. But what’s important is the idea of the system more than design and software programs. In Japanese “shikumi” means arranging the correct parts of the structure to function well, Dunksoft aims to achieve shikumi which moves automatically and well. In order to achieve a true asset, think througly, extracting issues to the end.

Analyzing the business and enterprise for years, to support the rapid growth, think throughly a simple plan if you do not have the impossible. These are called Roberto System. Separating from the software, itself is the intention of extracting the essence “method of thinking” the basis. Introduces the problem-solving methods used in the process. My participation in management on P2P Leadership Network Seminars was so that the teams can utilize from FPS Method for problem solving on business and enterprise.

4 step method.

1. Understanding of Events (F)

This step is grasping the event ofwhere problem occures. On this step instead of capturing the spesific problem, accurately detecting what is the source, when it is happened and how it is happened is more important. It is also important to check whether there is reproducibility.To solve the problem you need to find the underlying fact why you’ve failed, if not you can’t solve it. Understanding of events (F) is the most important.

2. Organizing Problem (P)

This step is to clarify and organize what’s wrong, this time focusing on identifying problems. Imagination is essential here. To solve the problem quickly you need to have the ability to imagine many situations.

3. Change in Thinking Toward Solution

Explore ways to solve the problem from a broader perspective, verifying from various angles. From here on creativity takes place. Requires broad amount of new ideas to create a solution.

4. Solution (S)

If you find a simple solution and no side effect try it. Re-understand the events up to here from step 1 if no solution is found. All experience untill now should be thrown away with the professional attitude its important to start again from scratch.