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The Important Thing is to “Set-up Early”


· In traditional Japanese theater “Kabuki”following steps are carried out as an interlude for the next performance.
· Build the stage and the entrance.
· Alligning the big stone as a base of the foundation, whole pile gets prepared as in like a stone garden.
· And even with only some points are made easy from both arbitrarily or are inconsistent, because of redoing or replacing it may be pointless.
· These arrangements are the basis of setup.

Don’t work following someone else’s trace. Infromation and experience will accumulate as wisdom and merit. You need to understand the method of building the structure and work with that method.

· At claiming level complete scheduling process for work and business management until earning money.
· Ordering the plans beforehand.
· Also scheduling decreases the chance to make mistakes which results as recieving clients trust.
· Moreover even when ordering it’s easy to keep control of available time and cost.

If the values are entered to the system as the following steps above, the information from months ahead would be visible. And would make a stable cash flow as also advancing funds as a result.

Systematization (Standardization of Business) with FPS