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4. Two Solutions of Enterprise IT (what is the best for information sharing)

(1) The important point is to let only humans to update information. Be sure to update the timing information is also been updated.
Should not stretch the work to the other day or to someone else. That way it can be easy to forget. If you search to find, this rule simply manages information for everyone. Simple is best.
(2) Recently, SOX method has been active even in Japan, which may enrich the regular information sharing committees.
Joint information ownership is not possible, there is no expectation where it can do internal restraint.
(3) Second important point is how to prevent duplication of key information such as personal information. The statistics are meaningless divided into two duplicated sales information at the moment.
(4) Do not re-enter your scanned data into EXCEL adding further sales information, hit the calculation plus to re-enter data to EXCEL.
Many people don’t question whether this is wrong.
(5) Not only the customer information but also the sales information is same. You have two data similar to a single product. Information does not match the sales for each product.
The person in charge understands managing the sheets in Excel separately.
This does not solve the fundamental right, even though it really looks like work, it does not. And spread more information.
(6) The important thing is the first base information. Centralized information is not irrelevant. Everyone can understand that.
(7) Furthermore always stay in alert whether it happens or not. When inputting a new data prudently.
If possible let a special professional person in charge of a department decide.
(8) Also perform data checks for duplicated data about customer and product information frequently around once a week.
(9) As for programs going in advance there is a meaning, following a cost eventually.