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1. Current State of Enterprise IT (How enterprise IT came to now?)



(1) Age of Hand – People had to write reciepts by handwritings, and the documents must be checked if any mistakes was done in ledgers.
(2) Age of typewriters, and word processors. Reusing was done by only some of the people.
(3) Can not keep up with intensive work because of the lacking number of office computers.
(4) Contains personal computers, spreadsheets etc.. Enterprising became easier.
(5) E-mailing and internet sharing.


(1) Information is more personal. Companies have individual information for each customer.
(2) Documents also varies in every individual.
(3) Based more on rules, setup shortly after one work.
(4) Anti-virus security measures is said to be at the utmost.
(5) Usual orders are ordered by fax.

It goes further

(1) Information differs by department, by personnel in charge, by numbers. Because of the differences inconsistency takes place. Not being sure whether some of the statistics are agreeable, accurate management judgment gets delayed.(2) Since the company invoice is billed externally although it’s internal, it’s paid at once. Such schedule pressures the financing of an enterprise. And when there is such a pressure the corrections, retracing never ceases.(3) When business charge is absent, client can not be well recognized. Also taking over doesn’t work. Must orient the customer to reclaim the mine again, costing a great investment and personnel fees.(4) And an untrustworthy company personnel changes every call with the intention of new business, but as an opponent of success can not get the reward.

Ledger paper or Account book (Edo Era) which one is better?