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3. Thinking for Enterprise IT Solutions (to change one’s mind)


Review your means to use the computer, things you do on your computer only.

As first advantage, it can be shared easily. If information is managed within the server of a network, anyone and you can look at the same information anytime. If you input only once, setup is the same. From the same settings also the data of the customer on the server can be reached by anyone. Also all related data can be managed. If information is unified in a server, sellers who have the same information with no statistics to deviate before would be able to view the detailed statistics.

After all the origin of personal computer is a calculator. 1+1 = 2 is a proud statement but not a complex decision for them. There is no panacea. So it’s better to use a simple standard model. Japanese people like me, and that gives me individuality which is very important. But as for the personal computer culture and all parts are all OS. Is the result of cost reductions as a result of thorough standardization. Making it possible to upgrade. You should also speed up and reduce costs for individual IT companies with this idea.