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Regional Contribution – Pine-Creek IZU –

PRelation between the Pine-Creek IZU and DUNKSOFT

The idea which raise the idea of Non-profit corporation, -Pine Creek Izu outdoor sports support guide(+below Pine-Creek Izu)-, is came from P2P leadership networking (which DUNKSOFT’s CEO Mr.Hoshino is attending). P2P leadership is a meeting session where the CEO’s attend to. At first we will cherish old people and through outdoor sports and business, by [ECO] and organizing neighborhood, resources will be continued in Ishigaki island. If there is a change, these organizations might be based on Matsukawa lake.

DUNKSOFT supports outdoor sport items to this project as a supporter of this project. Moreover, one of the DUNKSOFT’s philosophy spirit of “play” will be used and confirmed of its availability by using environment of Creek – Izu.

The Concept of Pine-Creek Izu

In Pine-Creek Izu, “Expansion of outdoor sports”, “protection of natural environment” and “children’s healthy growth” are set for the activities of NPO’s. Also in these organizations, outdoor sports aren’t seen just a “play” or “getting fun”. It is believed that by doing those sports, communication and other relation concerning communication will be improved.

What we can obtain from Pine-Creek Izu?

Currently, too much interest has been directed to the destruction of environment and global warming, so people do many activities. Even ordinary people are able to pet more information and live as a “eco” lifestyle, however what about the main characters of “eco” like sea, mountain or river? Unfortunately, in some places the situation got worse than before. The factors might be different, but in reality all of these factors are anthropogenic. In Pine-Creek Izu, we think that it is important to feel the changes in the environment and experience an humble lifestyle.

Why does Pine-Creek Izu contribute the community?

We believe that even the smallest volunteer activities and environment protection activities contribute the community. Abundant natural environment is the key for supporting the local industry. But now, there are resorts that have great nature spots and tourists visit that places in particular times, so it’s not a good situation. Many tourists can’t recognize the local characteristic of the place from natural environment,
so tourists tend to decide the place whether it’s a good place or not based on neighboring institution and artificial facilities, thus more this circulation leads to the development of tourist facilities.