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Work–Life Balance

At the end of the 2006, we have thought "Jikan wa jinsei no tame ni" (Love your life, Love your time(R)) as a message of the company. The age of simply increasing the sale rate is over. For the sake of making your personal life and your company more abundant, DUNKSOFT is offering its services.

At 2007, we have added our philosophy to the company brochure (please take a look at our company philosophy). We have thought the English version "Love your life, Love your time(R)" at this time too. It is important to value your own time except working time, thus this abundant lifestyle will effect your work in a good way, so please value your social life. We thought "how to make it real" with all of our employees. Among all the themes, we have decided "paperless" theme as a result.

At Izukõgen, we have supported NPO which is one of outdoor sports. While doing this sport, it is easy to experience the nature. This year, in Tokyo we got awarded for supporting "Life-work balance" and as a company, we willing to attend community works in Chuõ-ku we will provide tour for our "cashless" and "paperless" office, so we are waiting for employees who want to observe effective use of IT.

DUNKSOFT's without "scanner" and "paperless" challenges have offered to community as a contribution (CSR).

Expected Value

By supporting "scannerless" and "paperless", it is easy to rebuild private and beautiful office, also this office leads to cost savings, effective use of space and efficient working. (Reference Links From Microsoft(Japanese) )

Added Values

By reducing the usage of paper, it is possible to reduce CO2 emission, also DUNKSOFT use some of the profit from customers for community services (NPO hõjin, Pine-creek Izu). For saving the nature and the environment, DUNKSOFT donates the "satoyama" project. In the future, DUNKSOFT will construct a system which allows NPO's (non profit organizations) to trade CO2 emission as eco-cycle.

By using "scannerless" and "paperless", we would like to contribute coexistence model of urban and rural areas, protection of natural environment and establishment of work-life balance. We welcome assistance from agreed organizations and individual participants. Contact representative for CSR.v

DUNKSOFT has realized "scannerless" and "paperless" project however before realizing this method, DUNKSOFT has actually carried it out from the beginning unconsciously. Since 2002 internal reforms has been carried out and this project has became an obvious fact for business world. In 2002, usage of paper has increased day by day. Putting order to the papers are "troublesome" and "though work" customers demanded a way which can save them from this troublesome work. At this point, customers are introduced with "scannerless" and "paperless" project. more

DUNKSOFT's regional contribution has begun since 2008. Pine-Creek Izu will be introduced here. more
Windows 7 was released in 22th of October. Don't you want to reconfigure your office information by using windows 7?
Work-life balance supports the people's life in a suitable way that you can accomplish hard works with an enjoyment. more(Japanese)