Time for Life


Japanese industry is shifting to service industry rapidly in 21th century. Manufacture need to make differentiation to survive. Moreover, they need to invent new function of that differentiation in short term.

What is added value?

Added value means making a customer’s life better with connecting the novel idea that the customer expects for our product, service.

This idea is just like "fruit". This "fruit" brought in our daily life and it needs impression and consideration. Mass production can’t create this "fruit".

Time for Life

Because differentiation is so important to survive, company needs to get time for inventing differentiation. For that purpose, we need to take an efficient way.

DUNKSOFT aim changing and expanding with new service which adjusts new business model. Also, we support the way of efficient with 25 years know-how.

To put in basketball terms, now we just finished the first quarter. From now we will try for the second quarter.