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The spirit of “Play”


“Play” has the meaning of “playing arround” and “fun”, but we think “play” as other than those meanings. For example, if we ask “play this instrument” or even “have fun” to an ordinary people, they can’t really do.

To achieve real enjoyement you need time. It’s difficult to realize the growth, so you may have hard times. After this point, its crucial to realize how to continue to the next level and this is the important point of “play”.

At this point you can enjoy your fail and frustration.

For “Play”

Growth is difficult to recognize, so far overcoming this situation, there is FPS method*.

When it doesn’t work you just need to recognize the facts without emotions, so experiences can accumulate. “I succeed like this”, “I failed like this” are important facts. “To be able to do” or “notto be able to do” phrases are not related to these facts.

If you can see the facts, it will be easy to realize slight growth, so you can overcome hard times.

*FPS method
Fact of a situation (F), Problem (P), Solution (S) This is a method used to analyze the situation thoroughly.