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Horizontal Arrangements


In IT industry, there is a technique which is called "structuration" (base of this is construction industry). For example as a topic, "Explain your daily life" can be given. It can be answered easily like "I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, showered… etc".

However if it is answered like that, there is no way to understand how much time a day takes. For a structured answer, topic should be divided roughly like "Before leaving home, until eating lunch, until leaving from work… etc". Explaining each steps roughly, these steps became small talks. It’s the same as raising a building. Nobody starts from putting door to a structure. First of all building should have a basement.

First of all explain the whole, then explain gradually. This is called "arrangement". Every level of explanation should be equal and this is called "horizontal". Regardless of product development and word processing, it is important to align basic setup, because it will change the result from here. There is a huge difference between one who doesn’t use "arrangement" while they have meeting with company or customer. It’s easy to notice this difference when you look at their reports and their time management. The ones who talk lazily are easy tı notice they are not good at "arrangement".

Lets use an example as "Please tell the route until you come here" In general, "coming out of the house, walking for bus stop or train station, changing stops or stations and walking until Mitsukoshi, because this is the nearest station for us" This explanation is easy to understand, don’t you think?