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Mission to Provide Society


What we provide to society is "not to lose" method. Whatever you do, it’s related with each other, first thing to think about isn’t "what to do to win" or "will the sales raise", but it should be "what to do for not to lose" and "find the method which is hard to lose". If you think "not to lose" method, you need to think in order for adapting this method. If you do that, your rate of achievement will arise. This isn’t our strategy and it is called in "Sun Tzu’s Art of War". In order to save the company from loss, you need to get rid of extra expense. It’s the same as the budget of home and you need to arrange your expenses with a fixed income and budget.

Every year, it’s strange to expect the budget of sales, calculate them and manage them, don’t you think? Also, you can think rebuilding your personal and accounting section. Basic of the management is reducing the unnecessary resources and we want to help customers by doing that. Among people, if one who will start a company (he/she can be young or retire or want to start a new business), will be provided "cashless", "paperless", "information sharing mechanism" systems. These are the missions of DUNKSOFT.

Even if this person is a member of DUNKSOFT and even if this person wants to start a new business, this person already knows the method and basic setup is already build. So he/she can start a new business and a new life.

※”Art of War”
Strategic thinking book written 2600 years ago in Chine by Sun Tzu