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Love your life, love your time.

This is the English translation of “Jikan wa jinsei no tame ni”.

Our company has gotten money from company and business, customers by consulting on business eficiency. However it’s a time that unless you modify the service, you can’t sell services. During the extremely short time, you need to think various ideas and you must challenge the innovations.

Maybe these might be a good thing in this idea. Challenging innovations can not be done by computers. You can use computers, but it can only be done by human brain.

In addition to speaking, for adding values to work,sensitivity is also important. With the aid of polished sensitivity, good ideas might be born. For polishing sensitivity, lots of excitement is needed, but people can’t excite themselves when their work went well, however while they are watching movies, examining artworks and listening music they can excite themselves more. We want employees (including customers) who has polished their sensitivity in holidays or afterwork, to use their capabilities into new services. For improving the efficiency in the organization we are using such a combination.

So simply it becames “love your life, love your time” and in Japanese “Jikan wa jinsei no tame ni”.