July 1983
4.3 million yen as capital was established.
December 1984
Reorganized into a corporation.
July 1986
Due to Aida Yosihiko’s sudden death, Mr.Hoshino became president.
October 1992
Company products of NET-IMAGEBASE for Windows3.1 are launched.
June 1993
WINDOWSR WORLD Expo Tokyo ’93 and exhibitor Bill Gates talk.
Exhibited at the WINDOWS WORLD Expo Tokyo from 1993 to 1997.
Their products, “Managing in Law” established by DUNKSOFT brand released.
August 1996
Moved main building to Chiyoda Ward Kanda Suda-Cho.
December 1996
Company, friends, customers started to use DUNKMAIL
“Managing in Law” was released for ACCESS 97
Mr.Hoshino published the France World Cup locally in place by DUNKMAIL.
Mr.Hoshino is elected to Corporation new business conference director.
July 2001
Main Office moved to Nihonbashi Honcho.
Mr.Hoshino volunteered in cosponsoring Korea world cup at Yokohama meeting place.
November 2003
Microsoft Gold Certified ISV competency Partner certification.
And until now ever year DUNKSOFT passed the qualification test to renew the gold partner certification.
November 2006
Moved main office to Nihonbashi Muromachi due to business expansion.
May 2007
Roberto System on Dynamics CRM at CRM-Expo is displayed.
May 2008
CRM-Member management system on Dynamics CRM is exhibited on EXPO.
June 2008
Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner competency certification.
July 2008
25 years of Era ends. Starting a new system towards a further 25 years!
August 2008
Microsoft Small Business Partner Community Competency acquired
163 Points received in Microsoft Partner points(120 points mean Gold Partner))