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VI(Visual Identity)


This [Logo Mark] is symbolized our philosophy to recognize our brand.

Logo Mark

Logo Mark

The Concept of Development


KindnessDUNKSOFT’s philosophy is for our employee’s and customers.
If employee is healty and happy, they produce high quality products, therefore higher satisfaction of employee generates higher satisfaction of customer.
We use lime green as corporate color with message of personal service and kindness.


EggIT business world is always changing rapidly. So we are needed to create new values and new services. We want to be the egg that produces new values and services.


CharacterLogo mark’s slope and distortion mean philosophy of DUNKSOFT.
Humanity and curiosity always catch intristic of market. Also humanity and curiosity are not felt in digital.
DUNKSOFT aims the organization which digital and analog is mixed.


CirculationOur philosophy, [HI][SI][PI] is always circulating. This spiral shape means circulation and growth. We hope to grow with you like this shape.

Our Concept


“The mind of ‘play'”

“Love your life, love your time.(R)