This project started based on the employee's conception.
On october 19,2006. We hekd the conference and at that time the logo mark was decided.
After the 25th anniversary of its founding on 30 June 2007 this is a graditute message for our customers for the next 25 years.

Types of CI(Corporate Identity)

To express and clarify our philosophy, we estabilished following headings as DUNKSOFT's CI.

VI(Visual Identity)

The visual representation of brands philosophy. “Logo” or “motto” were used as symbols.


HI (Human Identity)

This philosophy is a message that employees are considered an important symbol of organization.


SI (Service Identity)

This philosophy summarizes the ideas in the context of service will connect the customer and DUNKSOFT.


PI (Product Identity)

This philosophy summarizes the principles when producing the products.


CI(Corporate Identity) circulation

The DUNKSOFT's "CI" is not a stand alone system. It represents a mechanism to create a value and meet a variety of simulating ideas by using circulation between ideas.

IT industry tend to improve the efficeny and performance of the computer, so people think about these creatively, The employee caring idea of DUNKSOFT which are "growth", "happiness" and "health" is directly linked to the quality of product and the changes in quality will be reflected to the customer (with a big impact) within this employee caring idea.
The Spirit of Play